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Parkneuk stone circle (four poster). NGR NO 1953 5145

This is one of my favourite stone circles, in part as it was the first circle I searched for when I returned to the area and wished to explore the countryside more. Looking for circles and other archaeology is a good way of aiming for something when out and about, rather like a treasure hunt.
Parkneuk is in a lovely location, though the circle now has a wooden fence around it for protection it still adam and evecommands the landscape. The circle itself is small and comprises of four stones (hence being called a 'four poster') including the flat toped and pointed configuration. There's a notch on one of the pointed stones and if you look via that over the flat topped stone you line up with Mount Blair some ten or so miles away. Coincidence perhaps but if you look via the flat topped stone via the notch you line up with the tip of West Lomond that just peaks above the hill line. It could still be pure coincidence of course but I'm sure whoever placed these not insubstantial stones had a good idea where they wanted them to be.
In the adjacent clump of Scots Pines there are the possible remnants of another circle and further down the road near the corner of a field is a large boulder with cup marks on its upper surface. A place of interest and well worth a visit. - George Logan
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