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It is with great regret that we have to announce the cancellation of the above evening.

Unfortunately George Currie is unwell and will not be able to present the talk as planned.

I know this will be a disappointment to all who wished to attend.

We all wish George a speedy recovery.

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Visit: National Museum of Scotland



Following on from Jane Clark's illuminating talk in April last year, we have an opportunity to visit Granton some time in May or June. The meeting will have to be during the working week (excluding fridays), with numbers restricted to 16.
There are two transport options: by Hired Mini-Bus, or members' own transport. The Mini-Bus option will cost £11 per head provided we have 16 passengers. (Pick up/ return point will be Broxden Park & Ride, Perth. Pre-payment will be required). Some car sharing may be possible if we adopt the members' vehicles option.
If you are interested, please e-mail Please advise your preferred transport option.

Lecture Cancelled



It is with great regret that we have to announce the cancellation of the above evening.

Unfortunately George Currie is unwell and will not be able to present the talk as planned.

I know this will be a disappointment to all who wished to attend.

We all wish George a speedy recovery.

Tony Simpson Joins Heritage Trust Board


We would like to congratulate Mr M A Simpson (Tony to most of us) on his appointment on 31/12/2013 to the Board of Trustees of Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust.

Tony was a founding member of the FOPKHT and served two years on the committee. His help was invaluable to setting up the Friends and helping to arrange our various activities; the last being our 2013 AGM at the RSGS in Fair Maid’s House. Tony continues to be a member so we wish him well in his new role.


On the 28th of June the Friends of P&K Heritage Trust sponsored (through Perthshire Archaeology Month) an historic walk along the southern half of the ancient "Coronation Walk". The Friends decided to sponsor the walk to complement PAM's 2010 guided walk from Scone to the River Tay, completing the two halves this ancient "processional way" from Falkland to Scone. We're still not convinced that any of the Scottish monarchs ever used this route specifically on the occasion of their coronations, but certainly this route would have been used by several Scottish monarchs on their various wanderings to and from Scone and Falkland.

coronation walk group photo

In Falkland we enjoyed a brief history of Falkland Palace given by Ninian Crichton Stuart, Hereditary Keeper of the Palace and Founder of the Centre for Stewardship in Falkland. We stood in the light rain near the now removed north range of the palace as he described how the palace and the village developed over the centuries. Processing westward, we had a pleasant walk through Falkland, past Kilgour, and into Strathmiglo, stopping along the way to listen to Prof. David Munro from the Kinross Museum who walked the entire route with us. His grasp of history, geology, archaeology, and the natural sciences is extensive, and he wove together fascinating stories about the places and people we passed.

The large group (20 people) stayed together and their energy never waned as we walked up and over the Ochils and into Abernethy in time for a cup of tea at the Culdee Tea Room. We ended the day sitting in the sunshine outside the Abernethy Museum listening to Angus Macintyre from the Abernethy Museum relate the history of Abernethy and our Scottish monarchs' activities there over the past 1,000 years.

I would like to especially thank Eva Bennett from the Friends of PKHT who drove our "chase car" in case there were emergencies along the 10 mile, six-hour route. The committee members at FPKHT were supportive and made the planning easier. I hope this will encourage others to organise and lead more historic/archaeological walks throughout the year. I'm happy to share my experience in organizing this walk with anyone who wants to consider offering something similar in their area.

Wendy MacPhedran



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In the summer of 2011 the site of a previously unknown timber circle was identified during survey work on the new Beauly to Denny power-line, at Pittentian on the outskirts of Crieff. The excavation and survey were funded by Scottish & Southern Energy and undertaken by Northlight Heritage.
The site is only a few hundred metres east of the Broich cursus and the sites of the Stayt of Crieff (the 'Parliament' of old Strathearn); a late Bronze age round house; and the Duchlage Standing Stone (sadly removed in the agricultural enthusiasm of the post Victorian era).
The discovery received little publicity at the time but, with increasing interest in heritage matters and the continuing development of the Crieff Community Campus facility (which straddles the Cursus site) it was decided to mount an event during Archaeology Month involving Crieff High School pupils and the local community to raise awareness of, and interest in, this cluster of ancient sites beneath and beside the Campus.

Ally Beckett of Northlight Heritage and Dr Kenny Brophy of Glasgow University, with the assistance of Christine Ross (Campus Leader), briefed 50 senior pupils on the circle and the other sites, and asked for volunteers to help set up the event on 13th June. As the site of the circle was by now covered with hard core for the foundations of one of the new pylons, there was little point in visiting it. Also, no vestige of the cursus remains.
So, how best to bring the circle and cursus to life for the evening's audience?
Several dozen white buckets used on digs, and two lengths of nylon rope, were laid out to replicate the circle's post holes and the line of the cursus to the south of the school. The buckets were laid out on a rugby pitch, marking the outer ring of posts (c.23 metres in diameter) and the inner ring (c.14 metres in diameter), and other significant post holes. The line of the cursus caused amusement, as it disappeared beneath the school's dining hall!

Ally and Kenny also gave a fascinating illustrated lecture on the significance of these nationally important monuments to an enthusiastic audience of almost forty, and emphasised the richness of Strathearn's archaeology - from Carpow in the east, through Dunning and Forteviot, to Crieff and on to Dundurn in the west.
The event stimulated a great sense of 'ownership' and pride amongst both the pupils and the local populace, and it is to be hoped that this interest can be nurtured with, as yet undeveloped, future initiatives.

A very pleasing aspect of the event was the willingness of three sponsors to underwrite the cost (£50.00) of hiring the lecture theatre on the Campus; namely Crieff Hydro, Strathearn Archaeological & Historical Society, and Friends of Perth & Kinross Heritage Trust. Communities wishing to organise a local event during future Archaeology Month events should consider local sponsorship to enable their event. Dr Kenny Brophy is a Director of the S.E.R.F Project (Strathearn Environs Royal Forteviot ) which has been running since 2006.

Ian Hamilton


The Tay Landscape Partnership has won a Grant award £1,435,500

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For more information on this excellent news: HERE


This years dig at Lair in glenshee has been very productive thanks in part by some excellent weather. Much was revealed and many questions posed. There's still another weekend to go so that will finish off work on one of the longhouses, were some interesting features came to light, including at one end extensive stone work, a possible floor area.
For those unable to get up to see the work at Lair, here is a precursor to more pictures and report. From The Courier website:


and video


Perth and Kinross Archaeology Month June 2013


Details are now available for the PKAM in June.

You can download all details from this page on the Trust website HERE

Download and start to plan your Super Month of Archaeology, there are many excellent things going on that you can sit back and listen too or become more invloved with.

The Friends have two events of note:
Pittentian and the Prehistoric monuments of upper Strathearn: Talk and Walk (if the weather permits) 13/06/13. Crieff.

Coronation Route: Walk in the Footsteps of Kings (a 10 mile walk through an historic landscape). 28/06/13. Falkland Palace.

In all 44 events so plenty for everyone with a wide range of interests.

Leaflets are also available at local libraries and from PKHT at the Lodge.