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To the Friends of Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust Website.

The Friends are a group of like minded individuals who have an interest in the Heritage of the Perth and Kinross area and who wish to complement the outstanding work that the Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust (PKHT) have done and are doing. adam and eve
PKHT have a long standing commitment to the Heritage and Archaeology of the area and part of their commitment is the involvement of the local community. This can take up a large proportion of their time in organising and managing volunteers and further informative activities.
The Friends will help PKHT to encourage and co ordinate volunteers, adding further activities and creating an interchange of like minds for all those interested in our heritage.

The website is a focal point to view the current News and Events, opportunities, on-going projects and heritage interest.
As a Member* what projects are available that you can participate in, whether volunteering for digs, recording, field walks, etc. or generally promoting PKHT.

*details and application form available here

About Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust

Conserving, enhancing and promoting the historic environment of Perth and Kinross. The Trust achieves its objectives through the development and execution of projects, the administration of grants, the provision of information and advice, and a programme of outreach events and publications.