Friends of Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust

It is with great regret that The Friends of Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust (FPKHT) is no more.
The website and information it contained has been removed.

Through no fault of the Committee or Membership the initial remit was changed and the Trust no longer wished to work with the Friends.

It has been agreed with the Trust that all funds and monetary balance of the Friends be distributed to organisations in pursuit of Archaeology and Heritage in the Perth and Kinross area. These small grants will not exceed 100 so as to give as many a small help with their projects.

The Friends Committee wish to thank all who participated on the journey.


It is hoped that an informal email notification method can be organised to keep people informed of events etc. Through the Friends email list people will be notified if they wish to participate. Thereafter the Friends email list will be removed and no longer used.